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Estate Preparation

We’ll help you get your affairs in order and avoid some of the common pitfalls in estate planning.


Executor Assistance

We’ll provide comprehensive oversight during your executorship, ensuring the estate is properly administered.

Doing Together What No One of Us Can Do Alone

Do you have a Health Care Directive, power of attorney, and will? When was the last time you reviewed your documents or organized and analyzed your estate plan? If something unexpected should happen, are you confident your last wishes will be carried out? These are just some of the questions we’d be happy to discuss as you get started with estate planning.

Have you been asked to be an estate executor? If so, do you know what your responsibilities are? At ExecuCare, we specialize in taking the administrative load off executors so they can spend more time and energy with their family and friends. We’re always happy to discuss our approach and begin the process.
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