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About ExecuCare

A Helping Hand – When You Need it Most

The founding principal of ExecuCare Executor Assistance Services, Maggie Clarke has more than 20 years of experience in the financial services and insurance industries. Her background, as well as her education and know-how, provide unique expertise in this field.

Maggie is principled and highly motivated, passionate about work that allows her to build up communities by making meaningful contributions to families. She’s particularly proficient in Estate Preparation and Executor Assistance, and her innovative leadership has consistently exceeded her client’s expectations.

Our Approach

Understanding that not everyone is prepared for end-of-life planning or adept at executor duties – and that even competent, enthusiastic executors sometimes simply need a hand – ExecuCare is committed to providing compassionate, professional administrative services during the most stressful time in your life.

In assisting executors, we relieve our clients of the administrative burden placed on them at a sensitive time, allowing them to focus their time and energy on their family and friends. Whether that means paperwork, contacting a variety of organizations, or helping oversee the entire process from start to finish, it’s our privilege to provide our services when and where they are needed most.

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